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communities to create a just digital world

We are an interactive web tool that enables social media users to learn and interpret social media content. We offer a community-centered approach that promotes human rights and social justice for online users.

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Who We Support

InterpretMe is a web tool to humanize social media content interpretation, reduce bias and misinterpretation, and prevent wrongful punitive action against historically marginalized communities

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Educator and Teachers

We help educators understand and interpret social media content in a way that promotes human rights and social justice.

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Law Enforcement Officials

We help law enforcement interpret social media content, reducing the risk of wrong punitive action and minimizing negative digital footprints.

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We  provide journalists with a more nuanced and accurate understanding of social media content, enabling them to report on sensitive issues with greater empathy and awareness.

Unpacking the context,

Empowering voices.

When educators, law enforcers or members of the press misjudge social media posts, the consequences are real. For marginalized communities, a negative digital footprint worsens the school-to-prison pipeline and sabotages essential opportunities: like seeking higher education, scholarships, job opportunities, welfare benefits, loans, immigration, visas and many more. 

The social media surveillance and interpretation processes play a vital role amongst many other systemically racially-biased factors in compromising the lives and livelihoods of historically marginalized community members. But social media posts can be incredibly difficult to understand because they can be highly contextualized and hyper-local in nature and misunderstandings have real consequences. We can help.

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A SAFE Lab Project

The SAFELab is a transdisciplinary research initiative focused on examining the ways in which youth of color navigate grief, violence, and joy on and offline.

We combine computation and social work, using a variety of multi-model methods in order to understand the mechanisms of violence, grief, and joy. We bring a social justice lens to community-centered human rights interventions.

Let’s build a better future

Join the conversation and learn how to interpret social media content with fairness and social equity.

Interpret social media with fairness and accuracy on InterpretMe
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